Arabic Musical Scales
Basic Maqam Teachings
with 2 Audio CDs

Author: Cameron Powers

Arabic Musical Scales

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"All I have to say is 'WOW'!

You just put together what I was looking for, a concise yet comprehensive material for someone like me to study and get on with my ultimate passion, Arabic music!"

"I bought your CDs and book of basic maqam techniques. It was a wonderful surprise... it put everything I was looking for in my hands with no effort!"


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"Excellent book. I would highly recommend the CDs that are sold separately as well. They are very well done. Very informational and also have improvised demonstrations of the scales so you can hear each scale in a musical setting."

"Your book on Middle Eastern scales has been invaluable to me. I lead a Middle Eastern musical ensemble but I'm the only Arab in the group, so your book has been the standard by which I teach my musicians. It really is a great book."

"Your book put a real smile on my face! It's a really wonderful book! Really well put together and distilled so that folks can really get into it!" - Joe Zeytoonian

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"I have been continuing to study and enjoy Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Teachings, which I highly recommend to all." -- Alexandra du Bois, Composer for Kronos Quartet

Designed for both the beginner and the professional musician, Arabic Musical Scales is the ultimate guide to 45 of the most popular Maqams

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$32.95 +s/h
with 2 audio CDs

2 CDs




The 2 included audio CDs make understanding simple and clear

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From Cairo to Tunisia; from Damascus to Baghdad; from Beirut to Aleppo; as far West as Istanbul and Greece, musicians live and breathe ancient musical scales, Maqams, that have survived intact for hundreds, even thousands of years. Knowledge of these scales unlocks an incredibly powerful tool for composing infinitely varied melodies and songs.

Open the door to ROMANTIC & MYSTICAL emotions engendered by playing these maqams!

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Cameron Powers is a musical ambassador of peace and master of Arabic music. Along with his wife, singer Kristina Sophia, Cameron has dedicated his life to sharing the truth of the beauty of the Arabic speaking people throuCameron photogh over 300 musical and cultural presentations across the USA and other countries. He has made numerous journeys to the Middle East to perform popular Arabic music with the ordinary people- on street corners and in cafes, and before an audience of 60,000 at the Cairo Stadium in Egypt as part of a fundraiser for a new children's hospital. The popular travel guide, Lonely Planet Guide to the Middle East devotes a page to descriptions of his musical peace work and 501c3 non-profit organization, Musical Missions of Peace.