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With so much gratitude for all that he gave to the world – GL Designs (Giant Leprechaun Designs)

Love without Borders Front Cover

Cameron Powers, musician and linguist, begins cross-cultural explorations early in life by mountaineering in the Peruvian Andes and running his “terrible tours” in Mexico and Peru. “Whatever you do, don’t go there!” is the clue needed to choose an interesting destination.

So many travel adventures feature lone males traveling into remote and sometimes dangerous areas of the world with a journalist’s or even a soldier’s attitude. Cameron’s approach is very different. Always aspiring to learn languages and local love songs and finding the entry portals into the hearts of other cultures through endless musical performances, Cameron has seen the world from a close up and tender point of view.

Cameron came to believe that love without reservations or borders could be the magical ingredient for which so many travelers have sought without knowing how easily this can actually be achieved.

Love Without Borders is an adventure tale of endless affairs of love.

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