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Harmonic Secrets of Arabic Music Scales

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Love Without Borders Book

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Profiles of Northwest Fungi
Buck McAdoo

3rd Edition
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Naked Wild and Free in the Grand Canyon Cover

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Maqam Practice Tracks with 6 CDs

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Naked Wild and Free in the Grand Canyon Cover

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The Giant Leprechaun

Naked Wild and Free in the Grand Canyon Cover

Egyptian Music Scales for Meditation, Yoga, Sacred Dance, Massage

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6 Hours of compositions in the perfectly harmonious intervals of just intonation!

20 Different Traditional Egyptian Music Scales!
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Exciting new Book Publication!

Cameron Powers Autobiography is available here!
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Travel with Cameron on his “Terrible Tours” which he ran through Mexico and Peru and Bolivia. 

Explore the Athenian life and the Greek countryside with a marvelous adventure on the island of Crete!

And finally launch yourself through the Egyptian portal of ancient musical magic to explore Cairo, Thebes, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq! War zones can become peace zones and the non-profit organization “Musical Ambassadors of Peace” is born!


Travel adventure with love as the bottom line! After becoming a musician and a trained linguist Cameron found he had the tools to conquer the world… actually… merge with the beating hearts of the world… conquering is not the right word!

Wandering the world with wonderful women and musical instruments, “armed” with a willingness to learn languages, Cameron entered into an endless series of affairs of the heart.



Dear Cameron: “Love Without Borders” is magnificent – re-reading it, ready to ponder it… you are magnificent…

The writing is as good as it gets… your notes, your memory…

Thank you for including Lisa’s writings on Peru and other matters… she and I talked endlessly about you, her views of your shared adventures…

And the parts about Leda: loved all of it…her, you, Loren, Melina…

Latin America, Natives, Spanish, locals, individuals…. You know this best… then Greece and the Middle East… And yes finally: Kristina and the Middle East…have to re- and re-read this section…. Intensely satisfying…

Cameron: the world is not as we knew it…. The Boulder shootings…the tragedies…

Sending much love, ELIZabeth

And from Peter who is still working with Pueblo Indians, on water, water, water, water…


3D Book Cover

Now Available: Profiles of Northwest Fungi 3rd Edition

Buck McAdoo

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Includes Specimen Identification Key

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Lee Whitford
Profiles of Northwest Fungi will provide hours of educational and entertaining reading for those familiar with basic mushroom identification. You will learn about Louise Bird’s wife who let a large polypore encompass her gladiolas for 5 years, the arrival of Death Caps in Bellingham, WA and the fungus that threatened Buck’s beloved wooden boat. Buck is a talented writer and exceptional amateur mycologist. He presents a one of a kind hybrid of mycological field guides and natural history writings that inspire our own adventures into the world of mycology.
Leah Bendlin
Thank you! We love it! It is certainly unique with several pages for each species including potential lookalike photos. I really appreciate the reviews of edibility of less commonly eaten species including some flavor and and texture descriptions!
Roger and Nicky Phillips – London
It is an amazing book; giving a totally new look and judgment. It is the culmination of so many thoughts and ideas and is an immensely valuable document. The cover is like opening a door onto a new world. Congratulations, congratulations.
Larry Evans
Buck has done something no other mushroom guide writer has managed: to present an in-depth look at many significant mushrooms, their morphology and microscopic features, their ecology and global distribution, associated species and look-alikes, and very much placing these mushrooms in the context of their environment.
So often mushroom guides deal with the mushrooms as trophies or as we call it, morgue photos of truncated, extracted, exhumed, and or sliced longitudinally. Buck emphasizes the relationship between the mushroom and its surroundings, the nearby trees and moss, the timing and condition of the collections, and the myriad of organisms that depend on either the mushroom or the fungus for survival.
Each entry represents one of the Mushrooms of the Month featured by a Mycological Society Newsletter over a span of some years, and is diligently researched with bibliographies for each one, and a summary of the Latin nomenclature that each mushroom must carry with it in human discussions. At least 60 species are the subject of this in-depth treatment, and dozens of species are addressed as look-alikes, or in the section titled, The Fungi Less Known. This is the first mushroom guide with satirical entries, under the April Fool Mushrooms like Climacodon edificialis, which bears a curious resemblance to insulating foam.
In the final analysis, this will be one of your favorite mushroom books to crawl into whenever you need Deep Background on one of the featured fungi. Profiles is a new way to look at some common and uncommon species in relation to what they are, what they eat, and how they live.
Adolf Ceska:
Many mycologists will love this book. Buck avoids all the boring descriptions and stresses the most interesting characters, or gives some related or unrelated short stories about the particular species.
He gives a literature listing of references that he uses or would use to identify fungi from that particular section. Wow, what a nice feature!

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