Volunteer subject during SCIO biofeedback Soulscape testing

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration!

– Nikola Tesla

Peggy O’Neil: Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Registered Nurse
working together with
Cameron Powers: Soulscapes Composer

Summary of Experiments:

Do Soulscapes trigger changes in Biofeedback measurements?

These perfectly harmonious sound-wave compositions appear to induce higher states of functioning in brain, adrenal, immune system, oxygenation, hydration, cellular vitality and many other parameters.

Using the SCIO machine, a complex biofeedback machine developed by a global team to recognize something like 13,000 biological functions in the human body, 52 out of 60 state-of-health parameters registered significant improvements during two different sessions on each of ten people.

During the first session with each person, baseline measurements of 60 different health parameters were taken.

Then, during the second session with each person, a sound track from Soulscapes was played through headphones to the subject for ten minutes before taking readings on the same 60 parameters again.

In all 10 subjects 52 out of the 60 parameters substantially increased.

Exposure to perfect harmony apparently had its effect.

Quantum Biofeedback Specialist Explains:

The first time I heard Cameron Powers speak of “mathematically perfect harmonic intervals” in music I about leaped out of my chair. Of course! Cameron is onto something so obvious, but maybe not so at times. Could it be that we, meaning all of us, don’t really know what music being perfectly in tune is? Well sure, that state is hard to get much less maintain. Until the advent of computers that is. An instrument that can not only find that perfect sweet spot but also maintain it… Cameron not only found that perfect place but has reconfigured ancient music with this heightened ability that our modern world via computers can give us. In his words: “Twenty Egyptian Soundscapes in Mathematically Perfect Harmony of Just Intonation, finding the perfect combination of ancient musical wisdom and modern musical technology.”

Now why could this be important for us? Even good for us? Well, for me to find out I had to try it myself and try I did. And listening to the music almost instantly brought me to a place of deep relaxation and indeed I started a gentle tingling all over my body that spoke volumes to me. Being able to listen to these sound fields (Cameron’s words for the music he has created) was aiding me to feel this exquisite state of perfect harmony coming from inside myself. For we do know the world is, on a deep level, vibrations, and more vibrations. What if we could hear an ongoing mathematically perfectly harmonious vibration for a sustained period? Lovely!

In the meantime, as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, I work with vibrations all the time with my FDA-approved SCIO biofeedback device. The “signatures” of processes of the body/mind and vibrational signatures of all the natural remedies that help the body to heal itself. We measure the galvanic skin response in order to determine the body/mind functions, and all is measured by the computer and the SCIO at the vibratory level.

My next step was to see if I could actually test people’s responses with my SCIO while they were listening to Cameron’s Soulscapes. So I rather excitedly presented this idea with Cameron. And, if you know Cameron, he immediately agreed to go with this flow. Let’s see if we can “prove” this music indeed can put people in that deep state…

What to do now? “Officially” we would need to do a double blind study right? We would need thousands of dollars and lots of time to really “prove” this. Well, maybe someday. Instead we decided to do a very simple study with only 10 people. And lo and behold! Each person overwhelming experienced better numbers meaning they were in a more whole and healthy state (tremendous stress reduction and increased state of relaxation) after listening to only a few minutes of these sound fields. Out of 60 variables measured by the SCIO biofeedback machine an overwhelming 52 variables increased! Expand the Table below and you will see the displayed results of the most important six variables. Telling us that the music did indeed put people in a place of greater stress reduction and increased relaxation needed for increased health and well being…

Table of Soulscape SCIO Biofeedback Results
[table id=1 /]
SCIO Health Parameter Descriptions

Adrenal Function: Generally reflects the endocrine system, energy/vitality.
Can indicate dysfunction in pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid and adrenal and contribute
towards symptoms of fatigue, mental/emotional stress and hormonal imbalance.

Brain Function: Generally reflects brain/colon and serotonin balance. Imbalance can indicate ANS dysfunction, digestive problems, sleep problems (insomnia), and emotional imbalance (depression).

Immune Resistance: Generally reflects the ease of how energy flows and often can indicate heavy metal toxicity. Imbalances in resistance can implicate heavy metal toxicity often causing bacterial and fungal immune response, weakened immune function and poor communication/harmony between organs, and/or neurological stress, often from physical trauma.

Cellular Hydration: Generally reflects cellular hydration. Can indicate lack of adequate water intake,
poor water quality, or stress in kidneys, bladder and/or colon.

Cell Oxidation: Generally reflects cellular oxygen saturation. Low reactivity can indicate respiratory stress possibly due to infection or allergy as well as imbalanced liver function possibly causing rouleau blood hindering the ability for the red cells to uptake oxygen.

Cellular Vitality: Generally reflects the electrical vitality of the cell. Possible causes of stress may be poor oxidation saturation, hydration or issues of nutritional absorption either do to corruption of the Villi in the small intestine or poor liver function allowing for rouleau blood hindering the ability for cellular uptake.

Wow! How impressive. Of course to be truly a study we need other groups of study participants to be ones with no Soulscapes music, and ones with, let’s say, the standard equal tempered piano music given to them. Maybe someday… In the meantime this little study has been lots of fun and did tell us something amazingly good. — Peggy O’Neil – Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Registered Nurse

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