These 20 Essential Oils are Creatively Selected
to complement the 20 Egyptian musical modes
presented on the 5 Soulscapes Cd’s

By combining the sensual bathing
in both sounds and scents
we can more easily achieve
the meditative states of “no-mind”
wherein the magic can more easily happen.

Suggested Use

Use the roll-on applicator to apply a small amount of scented oil to match the musical scale of your choice as you massage, move or meditate.

Apply the oil to the backs of your hands or forearms in small quantities to avoid contact with eyes or sensitive body parts.

You may find that you can use some oils in larger quantities as massage oil addatives. But please experiment cautiously to avoid accidental burning sensations.

Organic non-GMO fraccionated coconut oil has been added to the mixtures in varying quantities to help prevent accidental burning sensations. The addition of this highest quality coconut oil also enhances the power of many of the oil scents.

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