March 2021
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GL Design

Is your soul thirsting for perfect harmony?
No other sound-fields have ever been created to match these…
Take a little time to explore…
These are absolutely unique…



Sacred Dance




These are the First and Only Meditation soundscapes
which can carry you directly
into the Traditional Egyptian Magic!

Did you know that some of the “notes between the notes”
which are actually missing in our modern music scales
are the ones in perfect harmony that create the deep magic?

Without those notes our musical sound-fields
cannot create perfect vibrational zones…!!!

Our sound bath suffers!

Something’s not quite right!


All 20 different Egyptian music scales
are ancient perfect harmonies
that align with the laws of modern acoustical physics

Each of these 20 different scales
is associated with a different emotional mood…
So many Egyptian moods!
Moods you didn’t even know you could have!

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There is nothing else like this on the market!
If you want your massage or yoga or dance studio
to offer something really special…
Or if you want it for yourself for meditation…

Lost Harmonies of the Nile
Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology!
Biofeedback testing reveals amazing results!
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Vocal, string and wind players
will often compensate
for the limitations of equal temperament
by slightly changing the intonation
of notes so that they are harmonically correct
rather than simply mathematically correct.
– From Cakewalk Synthesizers by Simon Cann

Available in set of 5 CD’s
as Digital Download!

20 related Fragrances also available
deepen the Sound Fields with carefully selected aromas!
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Five Hours Total Music
Enough to Fill 5 CD’s

Easy Ecstasy
Harmonic Intervals which Nest Together
Following the Ancient Laws of Physics
Light Up Your Soul — Feel the Difference

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“I LOVE IT…..LOVE IT………LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful…. wonderful soundscape that invites the parasympathetic nervous system, and seeps into the healing of the unconscious mind.
Cameron…..It’s incredible………
I’m so excited about what you have created here.”


“Can’t wait, Cameron!
I’m so glad you are doing this work.
I always wondered why I like Indian Ragas and Arabic music so much.
I’m a classically trained musician and piano maker/tuner
and the equal tempered tuning is rough.”


Traditional Egyptian Musical Modes
Twenty Distinct Scales
in Perfect Harmony

Learn about Perfect Harmony

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Cameron Powers Explains
Ancient Principles of Acoustics
with Deepak Chopra and Jill Purce

We are the ONLY Meditation Music Publisher bringing together
the true musical magic
of dozens of microtonal notes per octave
all in mathematically perfect justly intonated harmony
and all derived from Egyptian musical tradition…

These recordings are absolutely one-of-a-kind and unique…

Meditation, Yoga, Massage CD’s

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