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Notes from Cameron Powers, Owner:

 What I am trying to offer people is a way to get their manuscripts out there NOW rather than later or never… My service is for people who have something gathering dust on a shelf or in their minds and they suddenly say one day: “no more waiting around! I just want people to be able to walk into any bookstore small or large or go online to a seller like Amazon and Order My Book!”

Print on Demand electronic printing is used. There is no warehousing of books required. The cost of books in any quantity is the same.

The printers I am using are divisions of Ingrams and of Amazon. One is called Lightning Source and the other Createspace. Ingrams is one of the two largest wholesalers in the world, Baker and Taylor being the other. Both printers operate inside the structures of these giant wholesalers so there will be no doubt in the bookstore owners’ minds that these books really are available. In this day and age most public book sales happen through Amazon.

Plus I’m taking care of the bar-code, ISBN number, Library of Congress number and doing the layout and artwork in Adobe In-Design and Adobe Photoshop – professional-quality programs which have become the industry standards.

My research shows me that my prices are only about half of the next best deals out there.

Getting books out there without having to spend anything on pre-ordering inventory is a real plus. If a book really takes off and sales get into the thousands, there is nothing to prevent a switch to “offset printing” technologies, which would be somewhat cheaper in those quantities.

There is no contract required by GL Design. Ownership of a book remains with the author. If an author gets picked up by another publisher who has an attractive budget for doing extensive promotion, there is nothing stopping that process. There is nothing “exclusive” about this arrangement.

Most of the tales told about going with larger publishers are woeful, however. I have met the most widely-distributed translator of Rumi books and found that he ends up making so little from those book sales that he still has to have a day job!

Plus when the larger publishers promote a book it’s usually in one short shot and then its over and the burden falls back on the author. So I don’t make false promises in this department.

Most of the folks who want to use GL Design have already come to terms with the reality that their work will probably never get off the shelf unless they make a small investment in seeing that happen. At least this way they can get it into bookstores and on Amazon now rather than maybe later.

Plus, the percentages of dollars on actual sales coming back to the author, according to my formulas, are much higher than what comes back to authors from ‘traditional’ publishing companies. Those authors who use GL Design stand to make decent percentages on sales. And since the author retains ownership, if it becomes in their interest to personally take on and manage distribution, there is nothing preventing that.

It is worth reiterating this important point: it’s never necessary to invest a penny in inventory (except for the few books you want to pass out or sell yourself to your friends).

When someone orders your book through a bookstore, the order is automatically sent down the line by the wholesaler and books are delivered in any quantity at the same price. So really, for the set-up price, your book is out there and no inventory investment is required.

Especially through Ingrams “Lightning Source” the global distribution programs increase every year. Even the new “Expresso Printing” technology is being employed: suppose a buyer wants to purchase your book and is in a bookstore with one of these “Expresso” machines… Your book can be printed right there in the store! This is already happening in many countries. Lightning Source has recently enabled efficient distribution through these countries, regions and channels: (and the list keeps growing)

Lightning Source Inc. Direct Distribution Services
Lightning Source Inc. Wholesale Services
Lightning Source UK Pty Ltd. Direct Distribution Services
Lightning Source UK Ltd. Wholesale Services
Europe POD Wholesale Distribution
Canada POD Wholesale Distribution
Lightning Source AU Pty Ltd. Direct Distribution Services
Lightning Source AU Pty Ltd. Wholesale Services
Digital Content (eBook) Distribution
Lightning Source Inc. Global Connect Program
Global Agreement
Espresso Book Machine Services
United States
United Kingdom
European Union
Australia (GST Exclusive)
Brazil Printer Network
Germany Printer Network
Russia Printer Network
South Korea Printer Network
Poland Printer Network
China Printer Network
India Printer Network
Italy Printer Network
Spain Printer Network
Japan Printer Network
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa

Amazon distributes through separate corporate Amazon entities like Amazon UK and is also gradually expanding its systems.

GL Design: Book-Publishing Company

Having gone through the process of learning how to self-publish and self-distribute our own books, we have realized what fun it would be to make this service available to others.
Do you have a manuscript sitting on a shelf?
Do you have one in progress?
Do you want to get it out into the world?


What we can do:

GL Design can print your book for you so that it looks as polished as the other products in the bookstores.
GL Design can get your book into the lists of All Books in Print, up on Amazon and into the hands of wholesalers from whom the bookstores and libraries all make their purchases.


What we can’t do:

Our printing methods are electronic. This makes it economical to print books with full-color covers. Full-color artwork on the inside pages can now also be included in two different quality standards although this does drive the cost up.
We can’t offer to subsidize writing time or to launch major advertising campaigns for new books, but we can offer some advice to our authors about how to proceed.
We can offer very economical prices since we don’t have a large staff to support, but we cannot work for free.


What do we like to publish?

Books which contribute to the dispelling of fear-based realities in all arenas, personal through international, are of special interest to us.
Of course anything related to indigenous musical worlds is of prime interest.
Books on all topics will be considered for publication.


More specifically what can we offer?

We can print your work, give it an ISBN Number and barcode, register it with the Library of Congress and make it accessible to the large bookselling chains, Amazon and to libraries through giant wholesalers, and place it in the permanent Bowkers list of All Books in Print.
We can handle printing, proofing, help with cover art and design if we are hired to do so. And we can offer suggestions for advertising your books.
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