A Refugee For Life


A Refugee For Life: Memoirs of Rwanda Genocide Survivor
Abaho Gift Conrad
The miraculous survival of the author in Rwanda during a targeted genocidal village attack is documented along with his subsequent efforts to help fellow refugees.
“I was born in 1992 in Gasabo, Rwanda from where the 1994 Rwandan genocide emerged.At a tender age of one and a half, all my parents and relatives were butchered. I don’t actually know how I survived the machetes. I wish I could remember life to perfection. I can’t but my guardian angel, now a fellow refugee here in Uganda in this Rwamwanja camp, narrated to me a story about how she saved me by picking me from a sorghum garden and bringing me to Uganda. For some time I thought she was my mother.”
Page Count: 38
Color Illustrations: 18


A Refugee For Life: Memoirs of Rwanda Genocide Survivor
Abaho Gift Conrad
Our Musical Ambassador in Uganda, Abaho Gift Conrad, was raised in the local refugee camps. He was able to see how people who sing, drum and dance together are less likely to fight with one another so he joined Musical Ambassadors of Peace. This autobiography contains the true story of Abaho’s escape from the Rwanda genocide at age one and a half. His mother had hidden him in a vegetable garden just before being hacked to death along with the rest of his family and neighbors. He was found and rescued by a woman whom he thought for years to be his mother. She carried him and herself to safety in Uganda where they made a life in a camp. Eventually she revealed to him that she was an aunt, not a mother. Abaho succeeded in becoming multi-lingual and has written this autobiography in English so that a wider audience can know of the efforts being made on behalf of underprivileged refugees. Abaho describes many of these efforts and re-affirms his personal desire to devote his life to the well-being of fellow refugees.


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