Celebrating Egypt – Download – All 4 mp3 files from 5th CD


All 5 hours of Soulscapes compostions: 20 tracks – each one 15 minutes long!

Each track is composed in the perfectly harmonious music scales of traditional Egyptian music.

Each track composed in a different Egyptian music scale. The tracks are ordered in a progression from less exotic to the most exotic!

Six downloadable files become available to the purchaser:

Zip file containing mp3 files of tracks 1-4
Zip file containing mp3 files of tracks 5-8
Zip file containing mp3 files of tracks 9-12
Zip file containing mp3 files of tracks 13-16
Zip file containing mp3 files of tracks 17-20
Pdf file of interior pages of information book which explains the details

The purchaser will have the opportunity to download these files one time
After a week this opportunity will expire






After purchasing this product you will be able to download six files:
A pdf file containing the 36-page booklet and 5 zipped files, which contain mp3 audio file versions of the Soulscapes tracks from each of all five cd’s.

Sacred Meditation Music – absolutely perfect harmony
These vibrational soundfields are unique!



They literally vibrate your energy fields into place!
Even those who have spent years working with other popular meditation soundfields are switching to Soulscapes after trying them out!

Perfectly Tuned Music Intervals!

These mp3 files contain something never before produced: ancient music scales from Egypt with mathematically perfect harmonic intervals created with modern musical technology!

The intervals between the cello, dulcimer and vocal notes which you will hear in these compositions can work a magical alignment in your being because the vibrational laws of physics are in action.

The wavelengths of the different notes actually nest together!

These ‘justly intonated’ intervals create the same harmonies which are found in the sacred traditional musics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India!

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