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Dancing with Your Soul — Arabic Nights

Let your body gently move by itself to this music and see what happens…

Cameron Powers: vocals, oud, nay, cumbus, fretless bass, buzuk, frame drum
Kristina Sophia: vocals, frame drum



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Editor’s Pick on Indie-Music.com: “…recognition that our screeners found your music of high quality…”

“Hey I’ve become totally addicted to your tune Damascus… I’d like to download this one to my collection which I’m playing while driving in my car. Please send me a link to buy this… I just can’t wait until I add it to my list of favourites!!!”
— Denis

“I absolutely LOVE Dancing with your Soul!!!
Listening all the time to it and singing along…
great tool for my learning maqamat.”
— Ynyra Oshea

“Erotic, a desert flower in bloom…
for making love, not war…” — Tessalin Green

“I received your new CD in the mail and it is
incredible !!!! Dancing with Your Soul is one of the most amazing CDs in my collection!! Thank YOU.
— Lynnie Zsidov-Steiner

Cameron and Kristina have been deepening their musical and cultural connection to the Arabic-speaking people of the Middle East by making several recent journeys through Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and the West Bank of Palestine since 2002. They sang Iraqi love songs on the streets of Baghdad in solidarity with the Iraqi people in the spring of 2003. They performed Egyptian music for an audience of 60,000 in the Cairo Stadium in the fall of that same year. They were gifted a non-profit corporation in 2003 which is devoted to supporting Iraqi Refugee Children in Syria as well as helping to fund American musicians who work as Musical Ambassadors. Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Beirout, Amman, Aqaba, Ramallah and Cairo have become fascinating new realms for their musical explorations. They have been busy traveling in the US and helping people better understand the Middle Eastern, Arabic, psyche. Well over 200 musical and multi-media presentations have recently been completed in more than half of the American states as well as in Panama, Venezuela and Mexico.

Maqamat (Arabic Scales) in Order of Appearance: Saba, Shuri, Bayati,
Rast, Hijaz, Rahat el Arwah, Suznak, Bastanikar, Iraq, Nikriz, Nawa Athar, Kurd
For Detailed Structure of Maqam changes go to: https://www.gldesignpub.com/souldance-structure/
Rhythms: Maqsum 4/4, Jurjuna 10/8 (3+2+2+3), Baladi 4/4, Tsiftitelli 8/8, Heartbeat 5/4


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