Learn to Play Bellydance Music Toolkit


This toolbox contains 6 products which will provide the information you need. Grouped together in this toolbox the price can be dramatically reduced. Take advantage of this offer. Info for everyone: for stringed as well as wind instrument players and singers! Real Belly Dance music uses musical scales which come from the Middle East. They are different from Western music scales and they also more closely follow the laws of acoustic physics. If you want to perform genuine Middle Eastern Belly Dance music you will need to learn these scales and rhythms.


Guitars and keyboards can be used to play Bellydance music. But getting the music scales right requires bending some notes or doing some quarter-tone tuning. Using instruments like the Oud, Violin, Cello, Saz, Buzuk, Qanun, Cumbus or wind instruments like Nay or Zurna or Mizmar makes it easier. But no matter what instruments are in your hands this toolkit has something for you. Valuable info on time signatures makes percussionists happy too!
What’s in the toolkit?
1) Book with 2 CDs: Arabic Music Scales teaches dozens of basic music scales according to quarter-tone theory. The CD’s contain author’s step-by-step instruction using Oud.
2) Book with 2 CDs: Harmonic Secrets of Arabic Music Scales teaches dozens of basic music scales according to the intervals defined by the laws of acoustic physics. The CDs contain recordings of professional Oud players from Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.
3) Book: Middle Eastern Flute Magic: Play the Nay – Finger Charts for Arabic Music Scales provides instruction for playing the famous Middle Eastern flute.  Basic Middle Eastern music scale descriptions and categorizations included.
4) Set of 6 CDs: Maqam Practice Tracks: Perfect Harmony of Just Intonation gives ear and instrument training for the 21 most basic music scales with intervals generated electronically to expose the student to the perfection of music tuned to the laws of physics: yes this is what musicians listened for in ancient times!
5) CD: Dancing with Your Soul incorporates exotic but basic Middle Eastern scales and rhythms using the Oud and the Nay and Vocals. Bass and percussion tracks are also present in the mixes. The songs are original compositions by Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia. An accompanying insert explains scales and rhythms.
6) CD: Cameron Powers Project CD provides an even greater variety of music scales and rhythms recorded using not only Oud, Cumbus, Nay and Vocals but also Cello and virtuoso percussion. The songs are original compositions performed by Cameron Powers Project Band. An accompanying insert explains scales and rhythms.


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