GL Design Publishing Pricelist

Traditional hardcover, hardcover with jacket, and paperback formats are all available.

Basic Specifications:

Page Counts: min 50, max 828

Cover Art: Full Color

Inside Pages: All Text and Artwork Black or Grayscale (Black & White) or Color (available in two levels of quality).


Initial Layout Costs:

Review Manuscript: No Charge

Electronic Format Layout in Adobe InDesign CS3: $55/hr

This includes:
Importation of Text Document Files and Cover Art Files
Layout of Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Book Interior and Pagination

(Note: when writing in a text document program, select a paper size and margin size setup close to the final book size you are envisioning. For example, if working in Word, use the ‘page setup’ under ‘file’ to choose an appropriate layout size. This is not essential, but can save time and help with selection of appropriate font sizes for chapter headings.)
Also please include font files for any unusual fonts along with document submission.

Additional Layout Services:

Inclusion or scanning of additional graphics files (artwork) and manipulation in Photoshop or OCR scanning of text pages: $55/hr

Proofing: $55/hr

Average Total Initial Cost for Text-only Books: $150


One-Time Fees for Printing and Distribution Setups:

Application for ISBN number: $30

Registration with Bowker’s All Books in Print: $30

Barcode creation and placement on back cover: $50

Registration with Library of Congress (book must be 50 pages minimum): $30

Writing to final PDF File: $30

GL Design Preliminary Setup Fee: Preparations for submission to printers/wholesalers (300 pages or less): $150


Lightning Source Wholesaler Setup Fee for Distribution through Ingram in US: $150

a) Inclusion in Ingram Advance, a catalogue distributed to booksellers and libraries around the world

b) Inclusion in up to 3 Book Categories as per BISAC: Book Industry Standards And Communications

c) Inclusion in The Lightning Source Digital Catalog: a powerful tool for getting e-book titles listed with the largest wholesalers, libraries, retailers and distributors in the book industry. One of the largest digital libraries available today.

d) Detailed title listing in all daily catalogs Lightning Source provides to its US distribution partners’ (e.g Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.).

e) Detailed title listing in all daily catalogs Lightning Source provides to its International distribution partners’ (e.g Bertrams, Gardners, etc.).

f)Title summary and Thumbnail cover image preparation and inclusion in enhanced bibliographic catalog feed.

g) Includes cost of one proof copy

h) Includes two years’ registration cost (after first two years, a $25 annual fee will be assessed to maintain title’s availability with wholesaler).

The following services (and more) will be enabled:
Lightning Source Inc. Direct Distribution Services
Lightning Source Inc. Wholesale Services
Lightning Source UK Pty Ltd. Direct Distribution Services
Lightning Source UK Ltd. Wholesale Services
Europe POD Wholesale Distribution
Canada POD Wholesale Distribution
Lightning Source AU Pty Ltd. Direct Distribution Services
Lightning Source AU Pty Ltd. Wholesale Services
Digital Content (eBook) Distribution
Lightning Source Inc. Global Connect Program
Global Agreement
Espresso Book Machine Services
Brazil Printer Network
Germany Printer Network
India Printer Network
Italy Printer Network
South Korea Printer Network
Poland Printer Network
Russia Printer Network


Amazon Createspace Printing Upload: $150

Baker & Taylor Wholesaler Listing and Cover Image Uploading: $60

Add Title to GL Design Home Page at Free


Kindle E-Books:

Add Title for Electronic Distribution through Amazon Kindle
(new ISBN and Bowker registration required): $150

Editing a book into e-book format can be accomplished at our usual $55/hr rate.


Additional Fees for Revisions (only if required):

Changes to Book Cover: $50 for upload to Lightning Source and Ingrams
$35 for upload to Amazon Createspace
$25 for upload to Baker and Taylor
$25 for upload to Bowker

plus Electronic Format Layout Changes: $55/hr

Changes to Book Interior: $50 for upload to Lightning Source and Ingrams
$35 for upload to Amazon Createspace
$25 for upload to Baker and Taylor
$25 for making changes to Bowker Listing

plus Electronic Format Layout Changes: $55/hr

Cost of additional finished Proof Copy (optional): $40



Approximate Cost per Finished Book to Author:

Based on $15 retail price, perfect binding (paperback),

300 pages or less, black and white interior printing, Quantities 51-500: $6.00

(Prices will vary depending on exact page count, binding type, trim size, shipping costs, quantity ordered, etc)

Color printing of the interior of the book can drive the costs up considerably, but these costs are gradually coming down and technologies advance.


Division of Percentages of long-term Booksale Profits:

a) Approximate division of percentages of income from sales
when placed in Bookstores or sold to Online Vendor by Wholesaler:

Bookstores (eg. Barnes & Noble or Amazon): 40%
Wholesaler ( eg. Ingrams or Booksurege): 15%
Printer (eg. Lightning Source): 15%
Publisher (GL Design): 15%
Author: 15%

b) Approximate division of percentages of income from sales
when sold by GL Design (Publisher):

Printer (eg. Lightning Source): 35%
Publisher (GL Design): 35%
Author: 30%

c) Approximate division of percentages of income from sales
when sold by Author:

Printer (eg. Lightning Source or Booksurge): 35%
Publisher (GL Design): 15%
Author: 50%


Binding Sizes and Costs:

3 basic categories:


1) Paperback: so many trim sizes now available it’s hard to list them all here.

2) Hardcover: available in case laminate, cloth or jacketed with such marks of craftsmanship as stamping available upon request.

3) Color Interior Paperback and Hardcover Books: two levels of quality available.




Then, of course, the task becomes promotion. The information I’ve seen make it clear that the major publishing houses seldom follow through with promised promotion campaigns which match authors’ expectations. This happens only for a very few lucky books. The task remains for the author to set up promotion, and has led to the following observation: 5% of the energy goes into writing the book and the other 95% into promoting it. GL Design can make suggestions to authors about the best ways to promote books.

Please Inquire.

Payment Methods for GL Design Services

Payments can be made through the Paypal Donate Button at the bottom of the “Shop” page on this website – or at the bottom of this page

Checks to GL Design may be mailed to:
GL Design
3345 Chisholm Trail #206
Boulder, CO 80301

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