Modern Acoustic Technology

Discovered in Ancient Musical Wisdom from Egypt

The Harmonograph Images below tell the truth


Justly Intonated vs the Modern Equal Tempered

musical intervals

which we now unfortunately have as our standard tuning in the West…

Traditional Egyptian:
Modern Western:
Traditional Egyptian music internals

create perfect symmetry:

Modern Western music intervals

create lop-sided dissonance:

Five Hours Total Music

Enough to Fill 5 CD’s

Easy Ecstasy
Harmonic Intervals which Nest Together
Following the Ancient Laws of Physics
Light Up Your Soul — Feel the Difference

What is Carlos Santana doing on his guitar that drives the excitement and the ecstasy?

Even Carlos himself probably doesn’t really know… He is just doing it…

To find out more about these musical secrets, watch the short informational video below…

Here’s another short Audio Sample:

Remember: Soulscapes Gives You

Traditional Egyptian Musical Modes
Twenty Distinct Scales
in Perfect Harmony

This is one of twenty traditional Egyptian
music scales which preserve ancient harmony!

The harmonic intervals in all 20 of these Egyptian music scales
are in mathematically perfect relationship.

It just could be that Western music
could find a way back to perfect harmony…

First step: learn about it…
Second step: experience it…

Cameron has used
state-of-the-art electronica
to create these compositions
so the Perfect Harmony is guaranteed.

The vocal additions
by skilled songstress
Kristina Sophia
add just the right
personal touches
to the recordings…

There are actually
THREE kinds of Perfect Harmony
presented in these compositions.

1) All the notes in each music scale
are “justly intonated”
so they are in perfect harmony with relation
to the first note in each scale.
The first note in the scale is audible
throughout each composition
so that these perfect intervals
can be heard and felt
although Western audiences
have seldom had the opportunity
to hear these lost harmonies.

2) The same “justly intonated” relationships
between the notes in each scale
can be heard when more than one note is played.
This is the kind of harmony
for which Western audiences still listen.

3) The Harmonic Series,
a sequence of 3 to 2 intervals called “5th”
is generated in the background from the tonic.
This gives the same kinds of perfect harmonics which we enjoy
in the singing of Tibetan monks or from Crystal Bowls.

To learn more about these intervals
of perfect harmony
listen to video below:

“Western music makes extensive use of the equal tempered scale in which the octave is divided into eight equal frequency ratios with each semitone having amassed a mathematically calculated frequency. This tuning is adopted so that instruments with fixed pitch notes (typically keyboard instruments and fretted instruments) can play music in any key. However this tuning system represents something of a compromise.
Although the notes played with an equal tempered instrument might be mathematically correct they are not necessarily harmonically correct. Vocal, string and wind players will often compensate for the limitations of equal temperament by slightly changing the intonation of notes so that they are harmonically correct rather than simply mathematically correct.” — Cakewalk Synthesizers by Simon Cann

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