After adding products to the Cart, click on “View Cart” and then “Proceed to Checkout.” Scrolling down the Checkout Page you will find a variety of Payment Methods: Amazon Pay, Paypal and Credit Card Processing through Paypal or Stripe. For additional details on these payment methods go to: GL Design Worldwide Payment Options.
If you have an account with Amazon and you choose “Amazon Pay” then your saved shipping address and method of payment will automatically appear for you to approve. Otherwise, fill in the information and scroll down to choose between the other payment options, Paypal or Stripe.


Have you had any problems using our shopping cart and our various checkout services? If so, please let us know. We are always working to improve our purchasing processes for all shoppers from all parts of the world. Thank You! GL Design Staff

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Learn To Play Arabic Music

Arabic Music Teaching Downloadable

Music CDs, DVDs etc.

Music CDs Downloadable

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