Lost Harmonies of the Nile

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology

Five Hours Total Music

Enough to Fill 5 CD’s

Easy Ecstasy
Harmonic Intervals which Nest Together
Following the Ancient Laws of Physics
Light Up Your Soul — Feel the Difference

Watch and Listen to Video Sample Above

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Traditional Egyptian Musical Modes
Twenty Distinct Scales
in Perfect Harmony

Learn about Perfect Harmony

Watch this Video!

Cameron Powers Explains
Ancient Principles of Acoustics
with Deepak Chopra and Jill Purce

We are the ONLY Meditation Music Publisher bringing together
the true musical magic
of dozens of microtonal notes per octave
all in mathematically perfect justly intonated harmony
and all derived from Egyptian musical tradition…

These recordings are absolutely one-of-a-kind and unique…

Meditation, Yoga, Massage CD’s

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