Yes it is true, sorry to say, but in order for the piano to be able to be played in any key – it had to be slightly out of tune in all keys.

Equal temperament was invented with the creation of the piano and everyone else followed suit.

Fast forward 200 years and no one even knows there was another way. Perfect harmony, now known as “Just Intonation,” was basically lost to the Western world.

Did you know that Mozart wrote his music more precisely than what can now be played on the piano?

He distinguished notes in between the notes.

He wrote very close to just intonation, but most of us have never even heard what he really wrote.

Many studies have shown the effect music has on our health and well being.

Bio feedback specialist Peggy O’Neil wanted to see what would happen on a physiological level if people listened to absolute perfect harmony.  The results are phenomenal.  With the a FDA-approved SCIO biofeedback device, she measured 60 variables including brain function, adrenal function, immune resistance, cellular hydration,  cellular vitality and 54 more variables.

A phenomenal 52 of the 60 measurements improved.

See what this music can do for you?

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You might notice that this music sounds a bit different.  That’s because not only is this music in just intonation, but it also employs ancient Egyptian harmonics or scales.  Here is what one person said.

That night felt like the first of a detox cleanse, letting go of sounds that were ‘normal’ and trading them for harmonics that were strange, but which nevertheless, resonated with the core of my being. ….listening to these CD’s is assisting me in cracking out of set patterns that I didn’t even realize were not working. 
And another quote from a satisfied customer:
The peace I feel when I listen to these melodies is very deep, I can just feel my stress melting away.  These melodies are truly healing.

And what is even more spectacular is that these melodies are more precisely in absolute perfect harmony than any musician in the world can play.

With modern technologies we are able to produce music that is in

Absolute Perfect Harmony

You have never in your life heard music this perfect.  Even if you grew up in a culture listening to musicians who play the ancient instruments.

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You will receive

5 hours of music of music in Absolute perfect harmony

5 hours you can play this music in the background to keep you calm and balanced.  You can use it when you


you can use it to accompany yoga or slow movement and dance,

intimate connections.

What will this do for you?

This music has been shown to:

Reduce stress

Improve adrenal function

Improve cell vitality

Start relaxing on a level you have never experienced before.


Bring more harmony and balance into your life.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration! – Nikola Tesla

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