Sacred Meditation Music in absolutely perfect harmony!

These vibrational soundfields are unique!

They literally vibrate your energy fields into place!

Even those who have spent years working with other popular meditation soundfields are switching to Soulscapes after trying them out!

Perfectly Tuned Music Intervals!

These cd’s contain something never before produced: ancient music scales from Egypt in mathematically perfect harmony created with modern technology which allows perfection!

The intervals between the cello, dulcimer and vocal notes which you will hear on these cd’s can work a magical alignment in your being because the vibrational laws of physics are in action.

The wavelengths of the different notes actually nest together! They amplify and reinforce each other according to the physical principles of “just intonation.”

Just intonation creates the same harmonies which are found in the sacred traditional musics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India!

These compositions not only use modern electronica to create perfect harmony, but are the artistic product of the composer’s forty years of immersion in sacred music traditions in Peru, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece!

The listener can enter the deepest kind of meditation and become one with a resonant field of vibrational perfection. This has literally never before been possible and can lead the meditating listener into a place of effortless surrender to what is. There is infinite potential for the power of a perfectly harmonious vibrational reality to dissolve our word-based thinking and allow us to enter an enlightened place wherein there is no judgment.

The adventurous meditator can literally disappear into the sound fields contained in this series of 5 cd’s. And the fact that the perfectly harmonious musical scales presented are primarily from the Egyptian tradition gives access to another fountain of traditional ancient wisdom.

Some say that the perfection of these harmonies resonates within the stored memories in our DNA!

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